Going into the Vineyard of the Lord


Growing and Helping Others Grow in Christ

As a child we expect our parents or some other adult to care for our needs. This is as it should be. However, as we grow, we naturally want to stand on our own two feet, especially so we can help others who are struggling. In the Church it is no different. St. Paul says that Christ has given us all things, yet we are expected to be generous with what we are given. Here is a miracle that all good and cheerful givers are aware of—the miracle of the loaves and fishes. The relatively small offerings that we offer to our Lord are always multiplied for others, and returned to us in many ways.

Being a full member of our parish carries with it certain basic requirements:

Members shall be 18 years of age or over, regardless of sex, baptized and accepted in membership of the Holy Orthodox Christian Church according to its teachings. Members must accept, profess, and practice the faith and discipline of this Church, and assist in the work of the Holy Gospel through their offering of time, talent, and worldly goods. In order to become a member of this parish each adult or family head must fill out an annual pledge card—to be given to the parish treasurer.

Note: Each new year parishioners must fill out a pledge card for that year.

According to Orthodox teaching the minimum requirement for giving of oneself is to give everything to God. This can be accomplished within the framework of our lives by becoming disentangled from worldly possessions and passions. Giving should be done prayerfully, and with thanksgiving—no matter how little or how much of the goods in our possession we set aside for the Church.

It is the experience of those who are mature givers that the tithe, or giving of one tenth of our goods to the work of the Gospel, is like a regulator in our lives, calling us to remember that we are not our own. We give of what we have received from God, and he gives us life—and every blessing.

For your convenience you may use the buttons below to either make a pledge payment, or an offering to the work of the Gospel at Saint George, Portland, Oregon.

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